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South Cumberland Plateau

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The South Cumberland Plateau is home to some of Tennessee’s most diverse and spectacular scenery. It is the largest remaining forested plateau in the continental United States. Totaling 21,649 acres, the South Cumberland is managed as a single park. It is a popular destination for hikers. In addition to hiking and camping, the park offers opportunities for picnicking, swimming, fishing, caving, visiting historic ruins, rock climbing and rappelling, viewing spectacular rock formations, wildlife and waterfalls.
The Perimeter Trail, located on the University of the South also offers hikes and scenic views around the Domain.
Some valuable resources to get you started on your exploration of the area include the
Friends of the South Cumberland Recreation Area and the Sewanee Outing Program. The Sewanee Herbarium also sponsors events. Click here for a detailed map of the South Cumberland Park. Photos by Friends of South Cumberland Recreation Area unless otherwise noted.

Grundy Forest Natural Area

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Natural Area
Grundy Forest is a 234-acre natural area located in Grundy County. Grundy Forest is located on the southwest side of Tracy City. The area features streams, waterfalls, rockhouses and steep cliffs. This natural area is the northern trailhead of the Fiery Gizzard Trail, which connects to the Foster Falls small wild area. The natural area is accessed via Highway 41/56 in Tracy City. Just after entering the town on the west side, or just before leaving the town coming from the east, look for the Grundy Forest Natural Area sign. Turn and follow the signs through two more right turns before entering the parking area.

Hawkins Cove Natural Area

Natural Area | South Cumberland
The Cumberland Plateau is home to a large number of rare and endangered species of plants and wildlife. The Hawkins Cove Natural Area is the most recent addition to the South Cumberland complex. Its 262 acres were designated as a natural area in 1985 to preserve the rare Cumberland Rosin Weed.

Horsepound Falls

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Falls | Savage Gulf
Horsepound Falls is part of the Collins Gulf area of Savage Gulf.

Lone Rock Loop

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Trail | Grundy Lakes
This trail is part of the Grundy Lakes State Park. It goes by four lakes and the remains of the Lone Rock Mine coke ovens built in 1883. Photo by Ben Beavers

Morgan's Steep

View, Hike | Sewanee
From Morgan’s Steep you can see Hawkins Cove. To begin the hike, start at Morgan’s Steep on Morgan’s Steep Road. Facing the valley, head down the stairs you’ll find to the left and follow the blue blazes to the Memorial Cross and University View.
This is the most frequently hiked section of the Perimeter Trail, with overlooks, waterfalls and a stone tunnel. The Civilian Conservation Corps constructed this trail in the 1930s.

Natural Bridge

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View, Hike | Sewanee
Natural Bridge is a three-acre natural area located in Sewanee. The Natural Bridge is a 25-foot high natural sandstone arch with a span of approximately 50 feet. From the bridge, you have a scenic overlook of Lost Cove. There is a wet weather spring by the rockhouse, which is behind the bridge. The site is referred to as Sewanee Natural Bridge since the University of the South once owned it. The natural area is part of the South Cumberland Recreation Area. Public access is allowed. There is parking and a short hiking trail.

Piney Point

Hike | Sewanee
The Piney Point access point on the right of highway 41A, just before the University stone gates. It is an easy trail with two stream crossings and overlook.

Shakerag Hollow

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Hike | Perimeter Trail
Shakerag Hollow boasts one of the finest wildflower trails in the area. Photo by Marisa Wilson.

Suter Falls

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Falls | Savage Gulf
Suter Falls is part of the Collins Gulf area of Savage Gulf.

Sycamore Falls

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Falls | Fiery Gizzard
Sycamore Falls is part of the Fiery Gizzard Trail.

Walls of Jericho

Natural Area
The Walls of Jericho is a 750-acre natural area that is within the 8,943-acre Bear Hollow Mountain Wildlife Management Area (WMA). The natural area is approximately 12 miles south of Winchester. The southern boundary of the natural area follows the Alabama Tennessee state line where the actual “Walls of Jericho” is located.

Grundy Lakes State Park

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Grundy Lakes offers swimming and picnic facilities in one of Grundy County’s most historic areas. Grundy Lakes is the site of the Lone Rock Coke Ovens where locally mined coal was converted to coke using convict labor until 1896. The coke ovens remain as a historic reminder of these times. Photo by Ben Beavers

Hobbs Cabin

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Cabin | South Cumberland
Hobbs Cabin is the South Cumberland Park’s only cabin. A 9-mile hike from either the Savage Gulf or Stone Door entrance, it is primitive, with 6 bunks, fireplace, and a counter area. A spring is located just outside. Cabin use is first-come, first serve basis. There is a campground nearby.

Laurel Falls Loop

Trail | South Cumberland
This starts at the Stone Door ranger station and goes to Laurel Falls. It is an easy 15-minute hike.

Memorial Cross

View | Sewanee
The Sewanee Memorial Cross is a memorial to Sewanee citizens and students who served in World War I, World War II, the Korean War and Vietnam. It was built in 1922. From University Avenue, turn onto Tennessee Avenue. At the end of the road is the Cross. From there you are able to see the Franklin County valley below. It is an access point to the Perimeter Trail.

Mountain Goat Trail

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The first phase of the Mountain Goat Trail is 1.8 miles long, connecting Sewanee with St. Andrews. It gets its name from the Mountain Goat Railroad, constructed in 1853. At the time it was the steepest railroad incline from Cowan to Sewanee. That railroad line extended to Tracy City, Coalmont, Gruetli-Laager and Palmer. Plans are in the works to extend the Mountain Goat Trail to Palmer.

Perimeter Trail

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Trails | Sewanee
The Perimeter Trail is a 20-mile loop located on the domain of the University of the South. The Tate Roberts Memorial Fund made the trail possible. There are many hikes on the Perimeter Trail. Access points are located at Green’s View, the Memorial Cross, the University Gates, Lake Cheston and Breakfield Road. The Perimeter Trail is marked with blue blazes. Secondary trails are marked with white blazes. Maps are available at the Bishop’s Common on Georgia Avenue. Photo by Messenger Staff

Savage Gulf

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Natural Area
Savage Gulf is 15,590-acre natural area located in Grundy and Sequatchie Counties. It is considered one of Tennessee's most scenic wilderness areas. It contains some of the most spectacular natural rock formations in Tennessee.

Stone Door

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Hike | Savage Gulf
The Great Stone Door is a 150-foot deep crevice at the crest of the Plateau. It is the western access for the Savage Gulf-Stone Door trails network. The Stone Door Ranger Station is within the Savage Gulf area and is accessible off State Highway 56 near Beersheba Springs.

Tims Ford State Park

Recreation | Winchester
This park is located on the Tims Ford reservoir. The 10,000 acre Tims Ford Lake provides the backdrop for this park, which offers boating, golf, cabins, hiking, swimming, fishing, and year round events.

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