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Your business is our business. To help your audience and customer base grow, The Mountain Now offers advertising opportunities to businesses on the South Cumberland Plateau.
Advertising with The Mountain Now is a great way to keep your message in front of residents and visitors to the South Cumberland Plateau. Most ads will click through to your website.

Large Rectangle Ads

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$40 a month, 6-month minimum
300 pixels width x 250 pixels height
These ads are displayed on the landing page of the website. Ads will link to your website.

Small Logo Ads

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University Realty
91 University Avenue, Sewanee
(931) 598-9244
Contact Lynn Stubblefield (423) 838-8201 or Susan Holmes (423) 280-1480 to sell your home today!

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The Mountain Now
418 St. Mary's Lane

(931) 598-9949
themountainnow @gmail.com

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Sewanee Realty®
115 University Avenue, Sewanee
(931) 598-9200
Contact Maragret Donohue today!

$25 a month, six-month minimum
125x125 pixels
These logos are placed in your business listing. All logos click through to your website and email address.

No Logo Ads

38 Ball Park Road, Sewanee
(931) 598-9000

Margaret Donohue
Sewanee Realty
115 University Avenue, Sewanee
(931) 598-9200

$10 a month, six-month minimum
Your business listing will have name, address, phone number and click through to your website and email address.

Free Listing

Woody’s Bicycles
90 Reed’s Lane,

(931) 598-9793

Fiesta Grill
226 S. Tennessee Avenue, Cowan

(931) 962-9939

Sewanee Mountain Messenger
418 St. Mary's Lane, Sewanee

(931) 598-9949

Mooney’s Market & Emporium
1265 Main Street, Monteagle

(931) 924-7400

Your business listing will have name, address and phone number. These free listings apply to The Sewanee Mountain Messenger print circulation area.


Ad and logo formats should be JPEG or TIFF. Resolution should be no more than 150 dpi. We also accept InDesign documents.
When saving a JPEG or TIFF file, please make sure the fonts are embedded and images are flattened.

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The Mountain Now is a service provided by The Sewanee Mountain Messenger. The site provides information on area events and includes listings of community services. Contact us for advertising solutions.